Friday, September 29, 2006

Global Effects on Classrooms

I came across this article and it really made me sit up and think. Companies all over the world have sourced their product manufacturing overseas for years due to reduced costs (basically countries where the minimum wage is really low). We as consumers have more or less accepted this as our end product is then much less expensive.

Now education is being sourced overseas for the same reasons?

Two things from this article that stand out for me.....1. the online environment is definately taking hold. 2. what education standards are being adhered to? Are we moving towards one global educational standard?

When a teacher moves to another country/state/province they go through very strict checks and double checks with the various teacher councils/government to ensure their qualifications are not only real but to ensure their teacher training is to the standards of that country/state/province. In some cases upgrading of courses is required before a provisional teaching certificate is given.

Who checks the eTutors from these countries?

What do you think?

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