Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Professionally Speaking

The Ontario College of Teachers commissioned COMPAS INC. to conduct a survey of teachers in the province of Ontario, Canada. The survey was done by phone of 1,000 teachers during the month of July (summer holidays). From an ICT perspective it is interesting that the teachers felt the Internet and computer games had little or no value to the student in the classroom (not helpful and were harmful).

I am sad to see that teachers still haven't embraced the tools that our students use everyday to engage them in the classroom.

One of my favourite quotes by Douglas Rushkoff:

"Our kids may be younger than us, but they are also newer. They are the latest model of human being, and are equipped with a whole lot of new features.

Looking at the world of children is not looking backwards at our own pasts--it's looking ahead.

They are our evolutionary future."

What do you think?

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