Friday, December 08, 2006

Is Big Brother Watching?

Is Big Brother watching you?

Many cities are installing security cameras throughout some of their streets and communities. Many schools around the world have security cameras installed around their schools and campuses.

SoundIntelligence has developed an anger/aggression detection device called SIgard that was installed on November 15th in the city of Groningen (Holland). I have been to Groningen several years ago and I don't recall that this was a city that had mob riots and would require such a device throughout its public streets. From that moment on the observation room will make use of a unique preventive aid that will make sure the police can intervene immediately when aggressive behavior is noticed in the area Poelestraat / Peperstraat. The mayor of Groningen, mister Jacq Wallage, describes the value of SIgard as: "In addition to our camera system, the aggression detection is very important. This new technology makes sure that the camera activates only when necessary and is therefore not violating public privacy."

How the system works is that it monitors input sensors from around its locations. Once it detects verbal aggression from a human voice it activates the camera for that area and the security guards are able to monitor the situation.

What happens if a couple are having a domestic fight? What if a child is being disciplined by a parent? Fights on a school playground? An interesting new development that may be coming to a town/school near you.

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