Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Dance, Dance, Dance....

Dance is a freeware application (free to try - register to keep) that helps a dancer learn dance patterns. Over 200 patterns available and the ability to create your own dance patterns as well. The ability to animate, print and export patterns. Many patterns now also have a support video/picture sequence of actual dancers.

SimpleDance is based on the Dance software above. (although SimpleDance is free, it doesn't seem to have had any further development into it for a couple of years).

SimpleDance is used to enter and to visualize dance patterns with help of the footsteps.

Retail Product:
Take your dance class to the next level........

Credo Interactive specializes in 3D character animation software.

Lifeforms software is a motion capture software.

Danceforms is used by dance / technology teachers and choreographers in need of a visualization and notation tool can realize and demonstrate entire scores, complete with music integration.

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