Thursday, February 01, 2007

Phys.Ed & Health Web Resources

Using technology in physical education, health education, and athletics.

  • some promotion of products to sift through but a good insight into what is new for use in this curriculum area. Tips on using various software applications and new resource links each month. You can sign up and subscribe for free to this newsletter.

The Educational Technology Clearinghouse.

  • a clearing house for PE resource links (lesson plans) for PreK - senior students. (Note: there are also lesson plans for dance, music, theatre, visual art, languages, health, language arts, mathematics, science and social studies.)

The University of Waikato: Resource Library for Health and Physical Education.

  • quite an extensive range of web resources from nutrition to sports media.

Another online resource website that you can subscribe to: Blue Web'n. Every month 5-10 new sites are added and sent to you via email. They have an extensive "idea bank" of lessons and resources for teachers in a variety of grades and curriculum areas.

  • Health and Physical Education links

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