Thursday, November 01, 2007

Supporting education in emerging markets

Early in the week I looked at the One Laptop Per Child program which targets students off the power grid.

BBC News writes about the laptop program that Intel has backed with their new laptop called Classmate PC.

This laptop also targets students in "emerging markets" ("...those countries in transition between developing and developed status." - Wikipedia). Part of Intel's World Ahead Program, "connecting the next billion people to uncompromised technology around the world."

Programs such as Intel's World Ahead and OLPC can give a voice to children and young people that we (the rest of the developing world) have never heard from before.

What thoughts, directions and impact will these voices have?

What new visions and ideas will come out of these new voices?

I for one am excited and thrilled to see programs like these progress. Having worked with educators in Zimbabwe in 1996, I know the exhaustive commitment these teachers have to their schools and community......what an exciting time.

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