Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Meet the digital media interpreters.....

Remember the discussion about "education needs to prepare students for jobs that don't even exist yet" (if not...see sidebar of this blog). Here is an enterprising group of folks that you can bet did not know that this niche would exist when they were in school.

Commoncraft is a unique pair of entrepreneurs who have created a company around the concept of digital media "interpreters." They present a product or service for their clients in plain English by using "unique and understandable videos in a format they call Paperworks."

Could YouTube have inspired these entrepreneurs? Web 2.0?


We know that in today's business world, many business doors are closed before they even have a chance to stay open. We need to teach our students that for every closed door they need to look for new open doors (possibilities) and/or create their own open door.

Well done Commoncraft!

Okay, still having a problem understanding what a Wiki is? Need to have a simple explanation for your school administrator or a class of students?

See Commoncraft in action (you can also search on YouTube for Commoncraft to find more of their great work.)

Wikis in Plain English

Social Networking

Use in the classroom....
Great process to replicate....the "Commoncraft communication model"! Try this in a variety of classes: English, Interactive Media, Media Studies, Communication, Business, etc... Choose a concept that you need to get across to a customer in an easy and creative manner. Students must create a storyboard for their idea, decide what tools they will use to capture their story (e.g. paper, chalk, etc...). Write their script, film, add audio and then publish (easily done with Premire Pro or Premiere Elements and Audition).


P.S. - Happy Halloween!

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