Friday, October 12, 2007

Video games help you to get up and get moving!

During lunch today the topic took a light hearted chat about exercise and technology. We talked about Dance Dance Revolution and then the conversation turned to "Wii Fit."

A new home fitness game that involves the player to stand on a console board that looks something like a bathroom scale. Is this a new approach to target young and old?

Reuters India reports "it can be used to play virtual sports such as soccer and ski jumping, as well as training staples such as yoga and aerobics."

Will this get even the most devout couch potato up and moving? In a world where many countries citizens (young and old) are getting larger than their ancestors...this might be a good thing :)

Other and exercise:

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Enjoy your weekend....maybe get out for a good walk....outside :)

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Ewan McIntosh said...

Hi Brennie,
Sorry we missed each other during my NZ jaunt this month, but I was talking a lot about games in Auckland and Hamilton. Soon we'll launch the sharing practice case studies on dance mats in Scotland. One area has bought them for all their schools!

It should be here soon: