Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Adobe TV - the new Adobe Media Player

The rumour has been floating around the web for awhile....well now you can give it a run. On Adobe Labs website you can download and try the new Adobe Media Player.

"The Adobe® Media Player software enables end users to enjoy their shows whenever and wherever they want, while enabling new ways for content businesses to create, deliver, and monetize high-quality content and advertising through a customizable cross-platform player that supports both downloaded and streamed media."

VeohTV might be a competitor for Adobe Media Player. VeohTV is like a big "DVD Recorder" for the web.

Exciting technologies to try.....unfortunately any of these technologies will only be as strong as the bandwidth available. It would be great to use these technologies in the classroom but until governments stop companies from controlling the Internet (can we say...monopoly) and/or support the development of Internet technologies....the digital gap will continue to grow!

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