Monday, October 15, 2007

15,000 + TV shows & 250 Channels.....Free online TV with Joost

How important is it for countries to get their broadband and telecommunications up to snuff...just ask those innovators who are counting on television broadcasts coming through your computer.

The folks at Joost have opened up a new free online television website. "You're the channel director, the boss of TV land. Slice and dice to create your own channels. Watch what you want, when you want."

"You can sit back and watch on your own if you'd like, or you can jump and get involved. Chat, IM, and share..."

What kind of content is available? There is a lot of music video type stations and other popular culture...BUT there are a lot of educational stations that are currently available as well (just look under documentary....there are 14 to date.) For example - if you choose the TERRA (the nature of our world) station: you will find a documentary on The price of ivory or Jewels of the Jungle part 1.

Joost and Education
One of the strengths of Joost is the ability to
"Chat with friends and other channel viewers while watching Joost using the IM or Channel Chat widgets."

This extends distance/global collaboration among students and teachers to a whole new level. Students around the world can have real-time discussions while watching a show together.

It will be interesting to see if Joost takes a YouTube approach....will people be able to create their own TV Channels?

A great way for students to present projects and work.....
especially with a tool such as Adobe's Visual Communicator 3.

I see a whole lot of potential for education and corporate also opens some unique opportunities for 3D and interactive television.....this will be a site to watch. Give it a try.

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