Thursday, December 20, 2007

Animatronic Dinosaur named Pleo, learns to engage and interact with its owners.

What is the latest fad this Christmas? A Pleo!

Pleo is the latest creation of UGOBE, a privately-held company from California that specializes in the development of robotics that "transforms inanimate objects into lifelike creatures."

What is Pleo?
Pleo, a one-week-old robotic dinosaur that interacts with its owner by moving organically, expressing emotion and autonomously exploring and responding to the world around him. Software shipped with Pleo allows for subtle shaping of personality and temperament. Future free software updates will allow Pleo to develop a unique personality based largely upon how he's raised. Plus, owners can go to to connect with other owners, find training tips and download new enhancements to Pleo. Pleo has a sophisticated sensory system has devices that enable it to hear, to see, to sense touch, and to detect objects.

The battery charge apparently lasts for about 1 hour and then Pleo starts to get sleepy. It even makes little cooing noises.

Check out one of the many videos (below) about Pleo on YouTube

What are the "guts" of this new interactive robotic marvel?

Significant Processing Power:
  • 32-bit microprocessors: central and image processing
  • 8-bit sub-processors: motor control
Highly Articulated Movement:
  • 14 motors
  • Over 100 custom-designed gears
Complex Sensory Network:
  • Camera-based vision system: light detection and navigation
  • Microphones: binaural hearing
  • Skin sensors: head, chin, shoulders, back, feet
  • Foot switches: surface detection
  • Force-feedback sensors: one per joint
  • Orientation tilt sensor: body position
  • Infrared mouth sensor: object detection
Multiple Data Ports:
  • Mini USB port for online downloads
  • SD card slot for Pleo add-ons
  • Infrared transceiver for Pleo-to-Pleo communication
High-Quality Sound:
  • 2 speakers located in Pleo's mouth and back
L6 Power Source:
  • Rechargeable and replaceable NiMH battery pack
  • Recharges in 4 hours; provides approximately 1 hour of operation
Selling in the USA for about 348.00 US...for ages 8 to really old!

There are plans to release a PDK (Pleo Development Kit) - "to make hacking Pleo easier."

An amazing interactive toy that engages with its users. I remember the days we got excited over a pet rock.....times have changed :)

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