Thursday, December 27, 2007

A website that helps you create everything from badges to a motivational poster

There are thousands of free websites available on the Internet that will do free easy tasks for you - no matter where you might be located. Any computer.....any where. All you need is an Internet connection and access (in the case of this website) to some of your personal images.

BigHuge Labs
lives up to the name by having a huge amount of free web based applications to have a play with. You can use images from your computer, Flickr, Photobucket or URL (from a website).

I will attempt to list some of them:

  • Create your own motivational poster (great for the classroom)
  • Create a custom name badge
  • Develop your own personalized letter to Santa (good for next year)
  • Create a magazine cover
  • Make a mosaic from your fav set of photos
  • Create monthly calendars with your own photos
  • Design your own trading cards
  • Add comic book style captions to your photos
  • Warholizer: "Andy Warhol" an image
  • Choose from a variety of frames to put around an image
  • Turn any photo into a desktop or cell phone wallpaper
  • Cube: create a cube you can print out with 6 of your fav photos
  • etc.....
You get the picture (pardon the pun), there is unlimited things you can be creative with.

What a great site to have some fun with all those great photos you have taken over the holidays!

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