Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A magazine that offers possible visions of the future of learning with digital technologies and other innovative resources

If you haven't discovered the great resources at Futurelab from the UK (see previous posting) time to browse through a great website! Just a quick review....what does Futurelab do? Well, "Futurelab is passionate about transforming the way people learn. Tapping into the huge potential offered by digital and other technologies, they develop innovative resources and practices that support new approaches to learning for the 21st century."

Of the many great resources that is produced from Futurelab, one of these is their bi-monthly magazine called VISION.

This issue has some articles that could encourage some great discussions with your education community:

  • Can every child matter? (and if so, how?)
  • The student becomes the master
  • Learning to learn: what - or who - is assessment for?
  • Environmental lessons: integrating sustainability into education
  • Divided we fall: addressing the digital divide
Great resource to be shared.

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