Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tag your music by how you feel

Need to get motivated with some great music for a workout? Rainy day and feeling a little lazy? Or, need some motivating music to get some housework done?

You can download this little application (Mac or PC) called Moody by CrayonRoom. Once downloaded it becomes paired with your iTunes and while you play through your songs, just click on a coloured square that reflects the "mood of the song."

There is a 16 colour grid that corresponds with emotions from intense, calm, sad and happy....with everything in between.

So now you can create a playlist according to your mood :)

School Chat....
This would be an interesting way to have students in Drama, Dance or English look at bringing emotion to various types of plays or performances. Music teachers would be able to work with their students to explore how emotion is tied in with music. We tend to be visual learners....an interesting way to explore the connections between music, colour and emotion.

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