Tuesday, March 18, 2008

How do we teach young consumers to grow up in a "free" economy?

We all like to win something or get something for free. I dare say, that people have even spent money on something they really didn't need so they could get the "free" offer. That is called marketing.

But how do we deal in a technology economy where most things (free or otherwise) are available within the comforts of ones home through their computer? Freeconomics is now driving the web.

A great article that I came across in Wired called "Free! Why $0.00 is the future of business" put more questions in my head than answers.

"Until recently, practically everything "free" was really just the result of what economists would call a cross-subsidy: You'd get one thing free if you bought another, or you'd get a product free only if you paid for a service."

Classroom Chat.....

What is the cost to society for "free?" How do schools prepare students for freeconomics? Can entrepreneurs be successful in a free society?


Anonymous said...

Your blog is very informative, by any chance are you Ms. Frisk that taught at BDSC, if so thanks for all that you taught at ict, and wish you could come back

BF said...

Hi, yes same Ms. Frisk. Thanks so much for the kind words :)