Thursday, April 03, 2008

Extremetech brings you 25 Great Geek Websites

The folks from Extremetech bring you 25 Great Geek Websites all in one hit....thank you Extremetech team :)

The sites are listed below - but be sure to go to the website at Extremetech to get the summary and direct links of each of the websites.

Blues News
The Inquirer
Ars Technica
Beyond 3D
The Tech Report
Anand Tech
Silent PCReview
The Guru of 3D
Hack n Mod
Tech Forums
DriverHeaven.Net Forums
[H]ard Forum
AV Science Forum
Rock, Paper, Shotgun
Joel on Software
Coding Horror
ThinkGeek (my fav online geek "stuff" store)
Mikes Hardware

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