Friday, January 26, 2007

Science and Technology in the Classroom

Discovery Science Connection has been launched by Discovery Education .

Science Connection is designed to help educators (especially middle school) in areas such as Physical Science, Life Science and Earth and Space Science. The website includes interactive content for students, multimedia resources and formative assessment.

The offers a huge podcast archive available for download. Podcast downloads go back to 2005 and topics vary from deep space, metacognition in the animal mind, discovery on how we recognize faces, mars is it dead or alive - are just a few of the topics covered.

You can subscribe to the podcasts on the website so it will automatically update through your iTunes.

Infoplease has developed an interactive periodic table. Clicking on any of the elements brings up more information on each element.

Chemsoc is another science website with a lot of classroom resources on it. Chemsoc has a great interactive periodic table designed using Flash.

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