Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The world of art meets mobile phones

The concept is pretty simple: "explore, collect and share."

A group of museums and art galleries in the UK are educating students using a unique version of a social web model - creating an interactive website called Myartspace.

Registered groups of students that take a school visit to participating museums/art galleries are given a cell phone on arrival. "By using mobile phones as collecting tools, pupils can be prompted in stages to analyse their initial ideas, and find out more about the objects they collect, in increasing amounts of depth."

The organizers of this unique concept believe that "Myartspace enables pupils to act as artists, curators, critics, detectives or editors based on the selection of items, objects and images. It will also help reveal how and why these are grouped together by the pupils and what they bring to their analysis from their own knowledge, research and understanding of the wider subject."

Preview the teacher research material.

Another great example of embracing instead of banning the technology :)

Q: How would you feel using mobile technology as a part of your class field trip experience? What an exciting way to apply educational outcomes to a new technology.

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