Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Social Networking goes Mobile

The mobile phone has become the primary tool for planning and organizing lives today. Companies are taking advantage of that. With the generation of mobile phones that are being released daily (such as the iPhone) - it is basically a "personal-life remote control" (Gloria Goodale). Advertisers know that the 25 and under age group are known as "early adaptors for hot new gadgets." Advertisers now realize that this generation likes to be in control of their communication and like "instant communication."

MoSoSo is "Mobile Social Software" that is usually installed on a mobile phone but can also be installed on a laptop. It works on the premise of associated geographical location and time with a person's social network. In other words....with the use of your mobile technology

MoSoSo is not new....it has been around for a couple of years. I think it is really starting to become popular with the young masses due to the popularity of social networking websites (Wired.com wrote a story on MoSoSo back in 2005).

Some examples of MoSoSo applications:

Thought: Do you see any use for MoSoSo in your classroom?


insane scribbler said...

Mobile...this is the word for social networks...people involved in social networks now believe that it would be a good idea to tap the mobile market as well.
Here is something I found on the web. A sarcastic piece on the future of social networking
Enjoy :-)

Anonymous said...

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