Sunday, September 23, 2007

Cold and germ transfers in computer labs.....Belkin releases a washable mouse

For any technology instructor, teacher or computer lab technician....we know that when the cold and flu season hits, one of the biggest transfer of germs from your students is through a computer mouse.

Belkin has come to the rescue with a new product (a search quickly showed some online vendors now selling this product) called the washable mouse.

This new mouse also has a changed look....the scroll wheel is now a scroll pad. The new navigation requires just a touch to let you scroll horizontally or vertically.
  • Works on many household surfaces including upholstery and wood
  • Features optical technology with 1200dpi
  • Powered via USB cable (I am sure a bluetooth or wireless version is just around the corner)
  • Suggested price is around US$29.99.
This new product will also be great for use with other home entertainment units such as game stations or web TV....where ever there may be liquids that could be spilled. I have sent a glass of water flying across my desk a few times during late night research sessions.....I have soaked a few keyboards and mice in my day.

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