Friday, September 14, 2007

Microsoft offers the ultimate steal for university students.... Microsoft Office 2007 for cheap, cheap

This week, Microsoft announced the ultimate steal...... selling Microsoft Office 2007 to University students until April 30, 2008 for cheap, cheap, cheap. Prices vary around the world:

  • 59.95 (US)
  • 64.00 (CDN - own it) 22.00 (CDN for 1 yr)
  • 38.95 (UK - own it) 12.95 (UK for 1 yr)
  • Spain, Italy and will be released September 20, 2007

The pilot was apparently first offered in Australia but I don't see Australia or New Zealand as an option on the new website????

Okay....let's all not get real excited about this.....there are eligibility catches (US example) and be sure to check the website for your country (flag icon links are at the top right hand corner of the US website.)

Do we need to ask WHY Microsoft feels so generous.....or as my mother would say...don't look a gift horse in the mouth?

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John Treloar said...

Brenda, it did run in Australia as a trial. It was called Offer over. Blog winners announced.