Monday, October 30, 2006

Happy Halloween

A holiday event I used to love as a kid is Halloween. October 31st could also bring the first big snow fall in the Canadian Prairies. You were never quite sure if you had to bundle up under your costume before you left for the evening...which sometimes had a devastating effect on the Pirate costume....Pirates don't wear mittens. Grabbing an old you went with your friends to retrieve enough candy to make dentists every where very excited. Here are some fun sites with a variety of projects for Halloween.

Make Magazine - various "make-it" projects in their blog section.

Horrorfind categories has links to all kinds of scary customs, horror games, tv shows, etc...

Scary Terry's Halloween Page has some fun "technical" halloween props and gadgets to make.

CIO online magazine listed their Halloween goody bag of IT mishaps.

Discover writes that "researchers say 4,500 years ago, some Mexicans hacked off their own teeth to the gum line and plugged in jaguar dentures." Now that is a Halloween costume.

Have a safe and fun Halloween tomorrow.

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