Monday, October 16, 2006

Virtual Worlds

I apologize for this Monday's late post but I was exploring my "virtual world" in SecondLife. SecondLife is an online role-playing game...a virtual world that has come to replicate the real world. There are stores, libraries, real estate to buy and sell. Now there is even a "real live" reporter from London that has been assigned to cover what happens in the virtual world (did you follow all that?) Adam Reuters (a.k. Adam Pasick) is setting up Reuters first virtual news bureau inside the online role-playing game SecondLife. Like any good reporter, Adam Reuters will use his Web 2.0 Google Calendar to post his office Reuter hours.

Maybe when the Eccky's have grown and left home...they will be able to go find an apartment in SecondLife?

SecondLife has become a "real world" for many people around the world. The SecondLife currency is a Linden, $1 US dollar buys $274.7 Lindens, this was the last report at the close of the SecondLife stock market. User to user transactions have totalled about 7.1 million.

This is not a virtual world you would take your students into for a classroom is every much an adult world. It is definitely an interesting model to talk business studies classes, ICT classes, social issues and law. There have already been reports of avatar divorces and business legal battles.