Sunday, June 10, 2007

Celtx: cross-platform application for the preproduction process

Celtx is a free "cross-platform media application that provides support for the entire pre-production process."

Use it for preproduction for: film, video, theatre, animation....or any media development.

Available for Windows, Mac and Linux, available on or offline. Split into four areas:

  • writing tools (storyboard development and scripts)
  • pre-visualization tools (storyboarding and media rich breakdowns)
  • organization tools (project folders supporting external documents and scheduling/reports)
  • web services (collaboration tool, private work spaces, back-ups, and publishing

Working through the preproduction process....this application assists you in:

  • getting started - "Location, Character and Scene development tools help you start a dynamic story line"
  • writing - with all the features of a document editor to assist with the writing momentum.
  • collaborate - features enable teams to work together in the development of a project
  • media breakdown - enables you to tag (comment) on props, characters, etc...with notes, pictures and audio.
  • storyboard - drag and drop your images into the storyboard to be grouped and tagged. Play them as an animatic to help with the flow of the story.
  • scheduling - is a "real-time" feature to help plan your shoot/digital story.
  • web services - using Celtx server features allows you to back-up your project, share your project with others, or publish to Celtx central.
Great tool for students as it can be used as a whole or in separate parts (eg: storyboard section). Thanks Mr. Thomson for this link :)

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