Monday, January 14, 2008

Exporting Virtual Worlds into the Real World

Just came across a site that I found quite intriguing. We are always taking the world around us and digitizing it through photos, video and audio was a process that brought what we have created digitally into the "real world."

Export to World was designed Linda Kostowski and Sascha Pohflepp and they their aim with this project was to "copy objects from Second Life's walled economy of simulated things. We export those into the real world by transforming them into life-size papercraft models."

What will you need to create the virtual objects into the real world?

  • A 2nd Life Account
  • Michael Frumin's OGLE free software installed (it extracts the geometry and texture data from your graphics hardware). Cool piece of software that extracts the geometry from other web 3D sites as well such as Google Earth and World of Warcraft (view the "real life" paper models from these sites.)
  • Pepakura Designer (free software) installed (Japanese shareware unfolding-software)
  • Read step-by-step directions for creating your "life-size papercraft model."
School Chat....

I hope I am not the only one excited about this :) Working in 3D, I am going to try this on some of my own 3D models.....keep you posted on that one.

I think it opens up a whole new door for students to access and present research projects. Put this process in their hands and see what they come up will amaze you! Let me know if anyone uses this in their classroom....I would be interested to see how the students engage with this process.

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