Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Own a Nokia appzs and updates

Just before Christmas I got a Nokia N95 mobile phone for work. Still miss the keyboard of my old Treo 750.....but there are a lot of cool features on this 3G mobile phone.

The only negative are the mobile covers that are available for the N95. Here in New Zealand you have a choice of the uncool, clunky black ITish leather cover that hooks to your belt....or a clear plastic cover for top and bottom so it can easily slide. I thought the clear plastic would be great as it doesn't add any bulk to the phone. Picked the clear plastic cover up at Vodafone and in no time the bottom left corner on the top and bottom piece had cracked. Bought another one....same crack in the corners. One of my colleagues got one and hers has cracked as well.

I popped into the Vodafone shop where I purchased it....they just smiled and said basically "oh well" when I told them all these cases are cracking. A person has to wonder what has happened to customer service? Especially for corporate clients? Do NOT buy the clear plastic cases.

If you have a Nokia mobile phone, you must check out the Nokia Beta Labs. Quite a few applications to test out....but be warned....these are in Beta which means they are still being "tweaked."

And of course, don't forget to check out the Nokia N95 blog for all the information, updates, appzs, etc on your N95.

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