Thursday, May 03, 2007

Springdoo - video says it better

Springdoo is a great tool that is taking audio and video easily to the masses with tools such as springMail and springCast.

springMail allows you to record audio and/or video and load the messages to your Springdoo account. An email is sent to whom ever you want and instead of clogging an inbox with large audio or video files....the recipient is sent a link to hear/see your message.

As easy as "push a button on the website, talk and then hit send."

springCast "communicator is a video and audio broadcasting widget" which allows you to post your audio/video directly to a blog or website. Videos you record from your mobile phone can be displayed onto your website.

Great tools to use whith your classes if you have your students working on global projects with other schools. Great tools to use if you are on a school field trip and want to update a class/school website.


Anonymous said...

Really like Springdoo, believe they are re-launching with some new services this month. Keep an eye out!

Anonymous said...

The new site and updated service has launched. They also have a new mobile to caster product which is great! Have a look