Monday, May 28, 2007

Expertvillage - videos to help and learn

In the aftermath of the YouTube craze many websites have embraced the "you upload a video" theme. Expertvillage has a lot of great videos that teachers could use within their programs (be sure to view the video before you show it to a classroom full of students....just in case.)

For example:

Dance: many dance programs find it difficult to source out samples on video to show their students. Some of the types of dance videos available are

Phys Ed: in the New Zealand curriculum for phys ed there is a section for "circus skills". Some of these skills are shown:

Other video categories:

and it goes on and on...... You will have to check this site out.

Here is a sample from Expertvillage on Industrial Product Design:

Learning Support:
Each video has a section where you can link to the video or embedd the code (as I have done above). You can also bookmark any of the videos. Great option to include on your class blog.

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