Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Print anywhere, anytime and without ink!

You may remember the original instant Polaroid camera....point, shoot then out pops your picture. Wave it around in the air for a few seconds and like magic your Polaroid image appears. Great technology at the time, but wasn't that camera a big clunker to carry around compared to the cameras today?

Zink (which stands for zero ink) has taken that Polaroid paper technology even further. Still using only heat (no toner or coloured cartridges) to develop the picture from the coloured crystals that are between the layers of paper.

Zink has developed two types of printers. One is an integrated digital camera/printer that is a full featured digital camera with a built-in full color printer. The other printer is the size of a credit card that is a companion printer to your mobile camera phone or digital camera. It attaches wireless or with a USB cable.

These should be available on the market in late 2007.

Companion Printer

Integrated printer and digital camera.

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