Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Young musicians learn by sight, sound and "doing"

I started my young days in a small town in the Saskatchewan prairies in Canada. With no kindergarten or preschool, I started taking piano lessons when I was 5 years old. My mom taught me but I quickly moved onto taking lessons from a Sister at the convent once a week. Those were the days when discipline meant a sharp whack across your hands with a ruler if you made too many mistakes during your piano lesson. I can only remember one such "corrective measure" happening to me....funny I never made that error playing that particular song again!

I enjoyed my piano lessons throughout the years with my piano teachers BUT I am very much a "senses" learner and I wish this software had of been around when I was learning to play the piano. StarPlay would have been a great support during those loooooooong practices early in the morning and after school. I learn best by doing, seeing and hearing.....pretty much all at the same time. Today we call this multi-tasking but when I was a kid I think they called it being "hyperactive" :)

If Celine Dion can sing with Elvis Presley during the American Idol special....why couldn't I practice with Lang Lang (Chinese pianist)?

A software relationship between Siebelius and InTheChair has developed StarPlay which will soon be released. It is a "whole new experience, StarPlay is music software that allows your students to perform with professional bands and orchestras. They become part of the band, hearing the musicians around them while watching the conductor or the other musicians. "


beezar said...

Reading your entry brought back some buried memories...buried, I guess, because I, too, learned to play piano at the local convent, taught by nuns, who also utilized the ruler as a teaching tool! I am also from flatland Saskatchewan -- the great southwest. I discovered your blog today and I will be back frequently. Fabulous! I teach computers in the high school and some grade 7 classes. It's hard to believe, but I have been integrating technology since 1981, and I don't mean the overhead projector or the photocopier!

BF said...

Hi Great to hear from you! I grew up in Lafleche Saskatchewan and had some great memories as a kid :)

I have to think that my tech roots came from growing up as a kid in good old Sask....always curious and creating our worlds, games and stories.