Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Barry Bonds hits 754.....

I am slowly getting over my jet lag....although my head did hit my computer keyboard a couple of times today.

On Saturday after all the Adobe Education Leadership Institute I was able to get to a San Francisco Giants baseball game. The AT & T stadium was sold out with over 42,000 fans in attendance.

What a great stadium.....Barry Bonds was up to bat 4 times and his first time up to bat he hit a home run....number 754. The place went absolutely nuts! Unfortunately the next 3 times up to bat he was walked by the pitcher. This stadium and the Giant fans definitely have character. Every time the opposing team hits a home run....if the fans catch the ball in the stands they throw it back onto the field! They have also started counting every time a pitcher intentionally walks Barry Bonds and they hang a rubber chicken on the brick wall of the field.....hilarious.

Oh did I mention we were in the 8th row....down the 3rd baseline just before home plate! The Giants warmed up right in front of us....

A great way to end an amazing 3 weeks of travel throughout the USA....by going to an all America baseball game!

(above: KNBR - 680 Radio station)

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