Friday, July 27, 2007

Last day....Adobe Education Leadership Camp....San Francisco

Well, another successful Adobe Education Leadership Camp is now wrapping up.

Another key member of the K-12 Adobe Education team is Anuja Dharkar (Curriculum Strategy Manager for Adobe). Anuja has spearheaded the new Adobe Career Curriculum and the new certification qualifications for K-12 and High Ed. Thank you Anuja for all the great work you have done!

Last night we went on a cruise around San Francisco on the San Francisco Spirit....even though it was as cold as a New Zealand winter, foggy and wet....we all had a fabulous time and no one cared about the weather! Great wrap-up of a great week.

Many weary faces this morning after he cruise, socializing and "karaoke" - there is video if anyone is interested :)

We all hopped on the bus from the hotel to Adobe Headquarters....had a great breakfast and then a presentation from Adobe Youth Voices.....Miguel Salinas.

Adobe Youth Voices is global philanthropic initiative to empower youth in underserved communities. Sponsored by Adobe, it was launched last year. The program "gives youth the opportunity to express themselves and make positive contributions to their communities."

The final presentation was by AEL Ian Usher (E-Learning Co-ordinator, Buckinghamshire County Council). Ian talked about how his teachers/schools are looking at digital literacy. The problem they are dealing with is how traditional assessment fits with digital literacy. My question is....have the assessment norms caught up with what the kids are/wanting/needing to learn?

Summary.....3 weeks on the road.

I have been on the road for 3 weeks....from Provo, Utah (a member of the writing team for the new Adobe Certification exams for K-12, Higher Ed.), Boston for the Building Learning Communities conference and then in San Francisco for the Adobe Education Leadership has been a brain exhausting but exhilarating couple of weeks.

What came out of this mornings discussion is something that has been coming out of many of my discussions over the last couple of weeks....understanding digital literacy as a valuable teaching strategy is still a challenge, not only for the AYV program but teachers in the classroom worldwide.

Talking to my colleagues during these 3 weeks I know how digital literacy has had a positive impact on students and teachers from around the world. I have heard story after story of what digital literacy has done within programs for students and teachers.

As Martha Stewart would say...."its a good thing!"

A great week....thanks to Adobe and my AEL are an inspiration and a whole heck of fun all in one package!

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Colin Maxwell said...

Wonderful Brenda - this is a great aide-memoire, for those of us that lost more than a few braincells over the week!