Thursday, July 26, 2007

Day 3 - Adobe Education Leadership Camp

Day 3 and surprisingly everyone is looking pretty "chipper" this morning :)

The Adobe K-12 Team are an amazing group of people!

Megan Stewart (Director of Worldwide Education K-12)

What can be said....without her support and guidance the AEL program would not exist!

Johann Zimmern (K-12 Marketing Director for the U.S. ) seems to never sleep! Whether you are from New Zealand or from Singapore...Johann is always there to let you know what is going on and when.

Lisa Ferguson, Jack Podell and Lisa Deakes are a part of the K-12 team that support the AELs and keep us together during the AEL Camp and the year.

After a great day of training yesterday we walked back to the hotel and then back to Adobe Central in the buses . We all divided up for round-table sessions with the various product teams. I went to the Production Premiere team (Premiere, Premiere Elements, AfterEffects, OnLocation, SoundBooth, Audition, etc...). This was an opportunity for AELs to talk to the production teams about requests for the next versions and feedback on products. Very exciting things coming up with new versions....but I would have to shoot you if I told you :)

One of our AELs celebrated a birthday this morning at breakfast....Rob Schwartz (see below). They had a "Barbie - Princess" theme setup for had to be here. The other 3 pictures are the AELs at fast as we could get a coffee we also logged onto our computers - free wireless opposed to 14.95 US Internet at the hotel.

Today I was in the "Learn to use the latest CS3 design tools: InDesign,Photohop, Illustrator, and Acrobat as well as curriculum that we can implement in our courses." I have to tell you when I saw the size of the Mac we were using.....I was just a wee bit excited as you can see.

Our instructor for today is also part of the AGI training team. Chad Cheliuis is a print specialist from Philadelphia. Chad is taking us through the day developing a newsletter with InDesign CS3 and the other CS3 graphic tools.

InDesign Tips

1. If you have nothing selected on your page and make any changes to your settings....that will set the default for that document. ie: select rectangle, then change the pt to 0.

2. Quick way to change your unit of measurements while in a document is to right click on your ruler (ie: pica to inches).
3. Command 0 (zero) will centralize (centre) your window (page).
4. To increase space between your letters (which is called kerning), select your T tool and press option (Mac) or command (PC) and then use your left or right arrow tools to increase or decrease the space between your letters.

5. Chad suggests to aim at having 2 font family groups (maxium 3) within a newsletter.

6. To quickly track words or the words/sentences then hold option (Mac) or command (PC) and press your left or right arrow (to increase to decrease) the spaces between all the letters/words.

7. Press W to go into preview mode.
8. This tip is the coolest new option for InDesign can place multiple text or images! Choose File-->Place. You can then choose multiple text documents or images to be placed within the doument. Once back in InDesign, BEFORE you left click your mouse to place will see a small image to the right of the mouse....use your arrow key to see a image representation of all the images/documents you are going to place.

Links from today:

1. Mousepose Is a cool tool for Macs is a tool for everyone doing presentations or demos. If turned on, it dims the screen and puts a spotlight on the area around the mouse pointer, easily guiding the audiences attention to an area of interest.

Alrightie...brain hurts....end of the day of another great class! On a boat cruise tonight!

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