Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Nexo - a free web service for group work online

Nexo is a free web service for groups to work online and collaborate on projects together. Sharing "interactive calendars, pictures, video, tasks, polls, comments, blogs, files and more."

The web site is setup within a secure community. As a developer you can decide who access to what within the site. View the Nexo user video tutorials: overview, setting up a poll, security settings within Nexo and the ease of "drag and drop" in Nexo.


Another great tool to encourage students to work together on group projects.

Nexo has the functionality to survey a group of students online...only they see the survey...only you see the results. Find out how they found the last test. Did you just take your class on a fieldtrip? Post the pictures of the fieldtrip in Nexo and survey the students on the fieldtrip. Whether you are a teacher, administrator or student.....a great tool to build that sharing group community.


Gina Jorasch said...

Thanks for the great review. We've seen lots of success with universities and younger school groups as well.

BF said...

You're welcome :)

I see a lot of great potential and use with your products in the classroom. Educating our students on "best practices" for the digital age is so important - this needs to include practice within a virtual/digital environment!