Monday, July 02, 2007

Websites That Simulate Drug & Alcohol Use

Two great websites to spark discussion in your classroom or in a peer mentoring group, on drugs & alcohol (designed with Adobe will need the Flash player installed on your computer and enable "pop-ups" in your browser to view these websites).

The first website is From Rusmiddeletaten Department of Health (the Agency for Alcohol & Drug Addiction) in Oslo, Norway. takes the unique approach to simulate how your senses are effected by these drugs....your computer mouse is even effected. The focus is on marijuana, cocaine, and heroin.

External websites are opened as your travel through the website: Memorial Funeral Home, Drug Overdoes, The Sun (article), Federal Bureau of Prisons, and Bankruptcy Website.

The 2nd website onelife focuses on: alcohol, cocaine, cannabis, ecstasy, mushrooms, speed and spiked. Students watch videos of a young man dancing to upbeat music. As you add more of the drug/alcohol and/or add a cocktail, they see the change in his behaviour. There is a safety link with each section. More information under more info takes you to the - radio1 website for further information on addictions, drugs, alcohol and other health issues.

Happy 1st of July to all my Friends & Family in Canada.

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