Monday, November 27, 2006

Backup Pal

I admit it....I am a gadget addict! Whenever we go away on holidays my poor husband is dragged through the local tech stores while I scour the shelves looking for some new digital gadget. Backup Pal is a cool gadget!

Cellphones/PDAs have become our main communication tool performing such functions as: taking pictures, watching video, playing games, email, text messaging, browsing the web, listening to music....are just a few of the possible uses for these mini handheld communication devices.

Many cellphones every year will die, be dropped on the ground, run over by the car, dropped into the toilet, stolen or buried by the dog in the backyard. How many of you have your cellphone/PDA contacts backed up or written down somewhere? Recently I was talking with a colleague that had all her telephone numbers from friends overseas in her cellphone and it had gone missing. She didn't have many of these numbers written down or stored anywhere else....she was devastated!

Here comes Backup-pal to the rescue! This little device that is smaller than a doughnut will backup all of your contacts from your cellphone. It is a storage device that transfers digits either by USB, infrared or using a specific adapter for your model of cellphone.

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