Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Grow Your Own Home

Lately politicians worldwide seem to be zeroing in once again on environmental issues - there must be an election coming up somewhere.

While searching through Google for "grow your own home", Google came up with 52,400,000 hits. One of these was an article on a new concept called the Fab Tree Hab.

The designers of the tree hab are Mitchell Joachim, PhD (MIT), Lara Greden, PhD (MIT) and Javier Arbona, SMArchS (MIT). They are entering this concept into INDEX world event for design and innovation set to take place every four years in Copenhagen. They have embraced the "green concept" and designed a home that is not only harmonious with the is a living breathing home!

Below is the designers proposed growth phase for the trees to shape the new home.

What an inspiration for up and coming young designers!

Fab Tree Hab Links:
Mitchell Joachim's Blog (one of the designers)...with a video from YouTube on the Fab Tree Hab

Further images of this habitat....

Images from: credit: Mitchell Joachim


Kim said...

Hey B,

I found your blog yesterday!!Thanks for the link on, "Grow Your Own Home". I'm going to show it to my Design Studies classes today.


BF said...

Hi Kim,
Let me know how things are going.