Thursday, November 23, 2006

Language Skill Tools

Califone just released a new product that will help Language and ESOL classes manage their audio stations.

The USB Jackbox "offers educators with the option of combining the functionality of audio output and input to help students enhance both listening and oral skills. In addition, the unit can greatly benefit those who many need additional reinforcement, including English language learners or special needs students."

The USB Jackbox is connected through a USB plug to a computer. Students plug in their headsets and can practice their "language skills or listen to recorded books and online streaming videos as a group. In addition, students can also create their own podcasts or connect with pen pals thousands of miles away through any VoIP application with the input functionality."

Classroom: USB Jackbox also would be a benefit to use in a computer pod/lab setting if you have students that are publishing podcasts or recording audio for animation or movie productions.

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