Friday, November 03, 2006


Sitting around having a coffee....see a stranger sitting 3 tables down that you would like to meet? Wiffiti [Wireless+Graffiti] to the rescue.

Wiffiti is a "service that enables people to send text messages to large flat panel displays in venues such as cafes, bars and clubs. Messages sent to Wiffiti screens are also visible on the service's website, encouraging people to text from anywhere and then watch responses from across the US, if not the world. " The first Wiffiti screen was installed in January 2006 at Someday Café in Boston, MA (USA).

Wiffiti works hand in hand with StreetMessage (a product from LocaModa). StreetMessage is a "mobile-enabled social and advocacy platform for in-location messaging, social networking, blogging and entertainment applications."

Wiffiti is the first application that has been built for StreetMessenger and allows users to send text messages from their mobile phones to large flat TV displays in locations where people socialize such as cafes, bars and clubs and on the web.

Educational use?

  • Would teachers feel comfortable having instant student feedback to a Wiffiti screen in the classroom?
  • Maybe this is a turn around for all those cellphones that are banned on school campuses?
  • Putting their food orders in for lunch?
  • Students use this to respond to school/class surveys?
  • How do parents/caregivers request a parent/teacher interview after school hours ? Just drive up to the school....beam your cell phone to visible Wiffiti screen....appointment made.

    What do you think?

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