Friday, November 24, 2006

TalkShoe - "chime in"

I Googled the word podcast and came up with 92,900,00 results that I am sure is growing every hour. Blogs, podcasts, wikis, vcasts, etc...have given the everyday person a voice over the Internet. There are magazines and books you can purchase to describe how to create these online communication tools...such as the Podcast User Magazine that was started as a blog for podcasters.

Talkshoe is an online service for "talkcasts." What makes Talkshoe different is that you can host or join live voice talk shows, discussion groups, or conversations. This can be done through cellphones, telephones or VOIP (voice-over-IP). Conversations can be recorded and accessed at a later date.

Uses for Talkshoe:
"Example uses of TalkShoe include talk shows, sports discussion groups, political debates, small business meetings, friends and family chats, book clubs, and education and training." Drama classes could use it for monologues. Classes could work with another school locally or globally and have students interact online in a wide range of discussions. Class debates, weekly school audio add-on for a school magazine or newspaper....the possible uses are endless.

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