Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Thieves Picking Social Network Locks.

An article posted on (July 16, 2006) wrote about hackers that were getting into personal data on and other social networking sites. Hackers have realized that most of the users for these sites are teenagers who tend to be more carefree and trusting when it comes to clicking on unkown links. There have been numerous false MySpace sites discovered that have "spoofed" the MySpace log-in page. If you log into one of these pages unknowingly the hackers could harvest your username and login and are able to retrieve any and all of your personal data that you have put up on that site/registration.

How well are these companies protecting their users from hackers? Can they protect their users? Is it their responsibility or is it "user beware?" Another article posted on Oct. 26, 2006 by NetCraft reports that this is still an issue with MySpace and possibly other social networking sites.

July 16th.....original article written....October 26th....apparently still an issue.

Things to think long and hard about....
If a hacker is able to harvest information and or get access to your computer.....think of all the personal data that is on a computer - identity theft is well and thriving worldwide! you do your banking on the same computer that your children use? Are your home computers networked? Are you running virus protection and spyware software on your machine and is it up todate? Are you talking about safe internet practices with your children?

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