Friday, April 13, 2007


Bubblr is a cool Flickr mashup that allows you to create single comic or comic strips from photos that have in Flickr. You can search for your own images from Flickr OR just type in something you are looking for (I had typed in "funny dog") without putting in a password as many people on Flickr have a lot of their images available to the public. Scroll through all the choices that appear at the top and then click and drag the image down into the frame(s) below.

I found an image of a little dog in a "lovely" pink dress (poor dog). Then I dragged a "text bubble" up to the image. Type in the text, move the bubble around as required and you can publish the new image to your Bubblr account.

Great tool for students to use for class presentations or projects. Think of the fun you can have with pictures from class activities.

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