Monday, April 23, 2007

Epic 2014 & 2015....a look into the future?

Epic 2014 is the original flash online movie made by Robin Sloan for the Museum of Media History. Set in 2014 it charts the history of the Internet, the evolving mediascape and the way news and newspapers were affected by the growth in online news.

A simple flash movie in black and white that has a powerful sensory impact with a interesting story and subtle music in the background.

Epic 2014 coined the word "Googlezon" from a future merger of Google and Amazon to form the Google grid, and speaks of news wars with the Times becoming a print only paper for the elite culminating in EPIC (Evolving Personalised Information Construct.)

Epic 2015 is a new updated vision of the future set in 2015 (website access).

Classroom: A great springboard for discussion. This animation captures a past, present and possible future timeline of media and the impact that the Internet and companies such as Google has and possibly will have in the future.

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