Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Resources: Study of Color

Two sites to look at that explore the theory of color.

The first website is by J.L. Morton called Color Matters.

Some of the topics that are available are:

  • symbolism & emotion
  • effects on the body
  • effects on vision
  • design & art
  • business & marketing
  • computers
  • ecology & usability
  • amazing science

I have used several of the ebooks (available for purchase from the online store) with my students in my multimedia program and have found them really useful.


The second website is by Janet Lynn Ford.

A fantastic site to use with your students with all kinds of visuals including an interactive color palette picker that allows students to visualize color combinations. The hexadecimal number is given for each color chosen. Great when students are using these color combinations for web design.

Some of the topics you will find on this website:

  • color theory overview
  • color basics
  • color systems
  • color wheel
  • complementary colors
  • after images
  • color combinations
  • color & contrast
  • Itten's contrasts
  • proportion & intensity
  • contrast & dominance
  • shades & tints

Give both these sites a peek if you are exploring the world of color.

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