Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Scanr: turn a camera phone or digital camera into a digital copier

There are a lot of great new ideas applications coming online everyday. Scanr brings a fresh approach to using mobile devices with "hardcopy communication".

You really need to explore the website to see all of the download the free software for your mobile phone smart phone or digital camera (check for compatibility for support for your type of mobile device).

  1. Whiteboard Scans - Scanr allows you to take photos of a whiteboard....never write "DNA" (do not erase) again on the board....visit whiteboard link for more ideas (convert to pdfs).

  2. Documents - Any document can also be scanned and saved by Scanr (convert to pdfs).

  3. Business Cards - Tired of having drawers full of business cards? Scanr allows you to scan a business card to keep digitally (convert to vcf).

Can you think of the different uses in your classroom?

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