Friday, April 20, 2007

The World of "Colr Pickrs"

I have used Colr Pickr - Color Fields for quite a while. This cool software toy (designed by Jim Bumgarder) is a Flickr mash-up that allows you to choose a colour from the colour wheel and it will retrieve thumbnails of photos from Flickr that are available to the public to download.

I have used this tool time and time again when teaching colour theory and needed to retrieve photo images that represented the various colours. Great to also get images that will spice up a classroom with colour and interest.

Adjust the slider to change the saturation of the colour...different photo images will appear.

Other groupings of Colr Pickrs (more on the website):

  1. Flowers
  2. Squared Circle

  3. Graffiti

  4. Doors & Windows

  5. Urban Decay

Want to find out more about the code that Jim used for these applications? Jim has co-authored a book with Paul Baush that shares this code and more for Flickr mash-ups. You can review this book at Amazon.

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