Thursday, August 23, 2007

Yahoo! Research Berkeley

Yahoo! Research Berkeley (no affiliation to Yahoo website) mission is "to explore and invent social media and mobile media technology and applications that will enable people to create, describe, share, find and remix media on the web. Our work combines the fields of media technology, social software, context-aware computing, mobile computing with user and design research to help shape the future of Internet media."

A great article on this website is called "Flickr of Knowledge." The question posed is what can we learn from Flickr? Good article to springboard various discussions within the class.

Some of the projects that are available to be explored from the Yahoo Research Berkeley group are:

  • Zurfer - the ability to access photos on your mobile device from Flickr.
  • Zync - is a plug-in for Yahoo Messenger that allows you and your friends (where ever they may long as you are logged onto your Yahoo Messenger account) to watch videos in sync and in real time. Both players (yours and your friend's) will load the video and play, pause, and rewind together, in can also comment on the "fly" about the video as you watch it.
  • ZoneTag - take a picture with your mobile phone, and then instantly upload it to Flickr with locaiton tags.
  • International Remix - Easy to rip, clip and share video.
  • Tag Maps - A new way to visualize text on a geographic maps. ZoneTag can upload geotagged images from your phone directly to Flickr; one connection is that the ZoneTag images are part of the data.

Check out Yahoo! Research Berkeley periodically to see what exciting projects this research group is working on next.

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