Friday, August 03, 2007

Designing for Small Screens and Mobility

After attending the Adobe Education Leadership Institute last week in San Francisco (see postings for the last week of July) and listening to the various presentations by product enforces my plea to digital media instructors (if you haven't already).......start teaching your students HOW to design for small screens AND everyone else should be at least having discussions around the impact/influences this is having on our lives (good and bad).

Of course the only restriction to HOW SMALL the industry will be able to go with screen size is going to be the restriction of the human eye. I already know of several new technologies that are addressing this issue now and I am sure there will be many more ideas/designs in development to deal with our human deficiencies.

A great book that I found while wandering the bookstore at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) a week ago (at a day session with the LifeLongKindergarten research group). There were so many great books....but there is only so much weight one can carry on the plane! Designing for Small Screens written by a group of authors that call themselves Studio 7.5 . It is an easy book to read with a lot of great images that you could use in your classroom. It starts with the history of mobile devices and then moves into understanding how to design for a small screen.

Another great book to accompany this book that I have written about last year is sisomo (sight, sound, motion) by Kevin Roberts. That discusses how "screens" impact and interact with our lives.

Two good books to start you going (along with the links below) if you are designing or teaching for small screens (which in my opinion....needs to be taught in ANY interactive media program).

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