Sunday, August 26, 2007

iPhone bidding war is over... 17 year old George Hotz is now off to College

Well it seems that the Worlds 2nd Unlocked iPhone (view initial postings below from Saturday) has found a new home.....but not through a bidder via eBay. According to Geohot's blog there were a lot of bids that were posted for the iphone that were fraudulent and he was forced to end his action early before selling it.

A summer adventure that started because his mom wouldn't switch mobile phone carriers....this young man decided he would unlock the iPhone so he could have one. Over 500 hours later and television interviews the Worlds 2nd Unlocked iPhone now has a new home. The founder of Certicell contacted Geohot this morning and made an offer. Geohot received a Nissan 350Z and 3 - 8GB iPhones in exchange for his unlocked iPhone. On his blog he seemed pretty happy about this exchange (what 17 year old wouldn't be) and off he goes to college tomorrow.

Wonder what his major will be at college? In his interview he mentioned he was starting Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). Do you think any of the profs at RIT are checking their class lists to see if this first year student is in any of their classes?

See interview with CNN (above) and this young student - George Hotz. Listening to the interview this young man is at ease in front of the camera and handled his interview better than most adults.

It will be interesting to see how AT&T and Apple handle this. There has still been no comment from either company.

Whether you are teaching Ethics, Technology, Law or Business Studies....what a great story to bring into your classroom for discussion!

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