Monday, August 13, 2007

Social PowerPoint Presentations?????

Everything on the web now is about sharing and social commenting....even our PowerPoints!

Slideshare is a place on the web to host and share your presentations. Now you can even create a slidecast which is a combination of your slides + podcast (audio).

How to get started
• Upload your presentation file to SlideShare.
• Go to Edit slideshow>Create Slidecast tab. Enter your mp3 url there
• Synchronize slides & audio using the synchronization tool and click publish

Your Slidecast is now ready for public viewing on SlideShare or anywhere else you embed the presentation.

I found this Slideshare by Alexei Kapterev and thought it would be suiting to include a "Death by PowerPoint" slideshare :)

You can embed or link any of your presentations or presentations that have been made public on Slideshare on your blog or website. If you are familiar with YouTube....then you are familiar with Slideshare. Your presentation is bundled up into a flash file (swf).

Slidecasts can be loaded onto blogs for students to view if sick or use for study tools.

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